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Independent Websites for Independent People.
Whether you’re a blogger, a small business or even an independent band – IndieWeb is for you!

indieWeb was established to fill the gap between poorly presented free web products and expensive bespoke designs.
We offer straight-forward designs customised and ready-to-use in WordPress. The platform is user friendly, and we’ll give you a crash course in how to generate content and make basic changes. Do remember that there will be limitations to what we can offer under this premise, but we’ll always deliver a professional product and we usually know someone who can do anything we can’t at reasonable prices.
We also believe in offering honest and up-front costs, so there is no guess work and no nasty surprises.

“When I first looked into creating a professional-looking website for my band, I found that there was simply nothing on the market that would attend to my needs on a modest budget. So having learned the skills for myself, I decided to offer them to anyone else who has found themselves in that situation.” – Ben Cook

All of our websites are hosted by Falcoda Internet.